We are a bespoke cleaning company operating in South West Wales, serving the domestic and light commercial sectors.

From regular cleaning to one-off spring cleans, end-of-tenancy or after-builders cleans, our competitive prices won’t cost you the earth. All of the cleaning products we use are naturally derived, harmless to the environment, safe to use around animals and children, and are cesspit safe. And they leave your home and office smelling great!

We pride ourselves in delivering a quality service with minimal impact on the world around us.

Household cleaning products are one of the top causes for air pollution in the home, which can cause serious damage to the respiratory system as well as other health problems. And, while these products might clean your home surfaces, when these products enter the natural water system they often cause damage to the environment. That is why we will only ever use products that are non toxic, and harmless to you and to the environment – without skimping on quality. It is possible to be clean without being dirty.

From plastic waste and destructive palm oil to toxic chemicals and animal testing, we set ourselves apart from other cleaning companies by only using products that are manufactured by companies that have high moral and ethical standards, so that we can get straight down to no mess cleaning without the dirt.

We source our cleaning products from manufacturers that actively reduce the amount of plastic necessary in the packaging, by using a refill system instead of replacing our bottles every time they run empty. Irresponsibly sourced palm oil? No thank you! We use products by manufacturers that don’t invest in such destructiveness. The products we use are approved by the Vegan Society, so that we know that no animals were ever harmed in the making or testing of the products that we use. Because we have high moral and ethical standards too.